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Episode 130: Pan-sexual


Readers with a long memory may recall my stories featuring Professor Lola G-spot,starting in Episode 86 and left where she was chairing a Sex [email protected] conference in Copenhagen. [anyone wanting to read my set of stories featuring Lola and all my other characters (real and fictional) should consult thes google sheet identified in my profile] Now Lola is back home, studying the mating habits of pan-sexuals in Long Beach, California. Her favourite hunting ground for new subjects is the Shoreline Aquatic Park near the waterfront and today was very successful. Lola had picked a shady spot for… Read more

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Next Door


I had been at the club for almost 4 hours and had been fucked in the ass and mouth by so many cocks that I had lost count and was tired. I started to get dressed for the ride home when I figured what the hell it was 2am and I was tired so I walked outside to my car in my garter belt nylons and open cup bra. I put a towel on the seat because I was still dripping cum from my ass from all of the cocks and just drove home. I pulled into the drive and got out of the car and started to walk up to my door when I heard a noise from next door. I then heard what the hell neighbor and I saw my next-door… Read more

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Oriental Massage

HardcoreFirst TimeInterracial Sex

It all started one morning when I'd been out for a long run. I got home, stretched out and had a shower. As I was drying off, I could feel my run had taken it's toll on me and my whole body was aching. This prompted me to book myself in for a full body massage. I knew there was a new local Oriental massage parlor that had recently opened up, so decided to go and check it out. I walked through the door and a bell rang. There wasn't anyone currently on the reception desk, but I could hear someone making their way down the corridor. I watched as a mature, tiny, but pretty Chinese lady came to t… Read more

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First Time

So there I was, Balls deep in Eileen's tight ass, but I get ahead of my self, From the beginning...I met Eileen on a YAHOO dating site. She was a divorced MILF who was looking for some "non-Committal" intimate relationship. We passed a few e-mails back and forth for about two weeks then decided to meet for lunch to talk face tot face. Eileen was a MILF of 42 , she stood about 68 inches tall, dirty blond hair (with a matching carpet) 36D breasts, We talked over lunch and decided that we would get together on the upcoming Friday night at her place to take this relationship to the next step. Fri… Read more

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More, The Better


More, The Better By: Londebaaz Chohan Nobody had invited him but the offer of getting 2 videos free with every 3 rentals for a week pulled Aslam Masih to get into the store. He was horny and had not fucked for some time. He could not figure out why but he was in a dry spell. He knew, getting a faggot boy at the gay bar was no problem but no. His rules were solid and he thought, his standard was high. He needed to fuck pussy only. Last night he had enjoyed plenty, while watching the ‘Fucking Bonanza’ and remembered to have masturbated 3—4 times when it became totally impossible to end… Read more

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Cinema sex in the UK

VoyeurFirst TimeMasturbation

When I was still a young man, unable to drive or smoke or drink, was the time I discovered the joys of porn cinemas. It was in the mid 70’s and all towns had them.. one in particular called the Curzon, was situated at the end of all the shops. On a Sunday when it was quiet in town I would catch a bus and head there. I was so nervous the first time.. wearing grown up clothes and trying to look 4 years older than I was... an old woman at the cash desk took my money and I asked for 10 cigarettes and a box of matches... I made my way up the dim lot stair and at the top was the gents and ladies toi… Read more

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Making your Sex Better - Social Distancing


During my years of escorting in Manchester and the UK, I have asked that question hundreds of times to myself. I have seen husbands who have paid me for sexual services out with their wives and thought one of two things :- 1) She is a hot wife - why does he need to have have sex with me or 2) She is a dog - I understand why you need to have sex with me But is seeing a hooker, prostitute, escort cheating on the wife - especially as 99.9% are shut down now ?? Lets remove the money side of things - lets assue… Read more

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Fascination with Piss


As all of my friends will know we have a collection of nearly 200 pee videos on our favourites here on xhamster. Is this a fetish or something we genuinely like? To be honest I first found out it was "nice" years ago when i was at junior school, I wet my pants one day and even though I didnt understand it at the time I was "turned on" by the warmth running down my legs, I was embarrased, very embarrased but it felt good. As the years passed and I became more sexually aware I found that the urge to pee myself grew, when I was escorting it was something that my clients asked for a lot, eithe… Read more

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True Friendship Part 4

AnalGroup SexMature

Sorry for the screw up, but part 3 was saved as part 4 and pt 4 ended up being deleted, so I am trying to rewrite again, as I had stated the facts the first time, having tried to be as concise as possible. I know I rushed the last one to get it out and I apologize for all those errors. Going on the assumption that you have read the previous 3 parts of this story, you would be up-to-speed on why I am fucking my husband’s long time friend, Reef, and do so with hubby’s permission, and no, I do not cuck my husband. To move this along, the whole premise of this arrangement we have struck, was tha… Read more

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Any thing for Adam part 2

AnalShemale PornGroup Sex

A quick recap from part 1 met Adam through a personal ad i sent instantly i had feelings for Adam and would do what he requested now on to part 2 i hope you enjoy it. After the meeting with Francis and the thorough fucking i received i was busy writing Adam with the sorted details. Two days later i got a letter from Adam i was instructed by Adam to go back to the adult book store and to purchase the biggest butt plug that they have. I was then to return here and insert the butt plug in my boi pussy . Adam wanted several pictures of the butt plug in my pussy. I was also told that it was time… Read more

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Holly Levine was hooked on Charlie,s Norse, cock as she savoured the hot fresh taste of his sperm rolling it round her tongue prior to gulping it down loudly so Charlie could hear as well as see her pay tribute to his prick. As she swalllwed she suddenly felt an intense surge of senses course through her body like a jolt of electricity and realise for a rare occasion she,d had an orgasm with just a cock in her mouth. She sometimes came with her titties being sucked and obviously tofingers, but rarely simply sucking cock and she enjoyed every second of it till she seemed to have drained most of… Read more

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Making The Most Out of Being Someone's Last-M

Interracial Sex

Back when I was 24 years old, I was working in a dead-end inside sales job and occasionally hooking up with a coworker we'll call "Christy". She was a petite Filipina whom I liked more as a friend than as a potential serious partner, and the feeling was mutual. For several months we carried out about as clean and efficient of a FWB relationship as two coworkers could have, keeping our gossipy coworkers off our scent. We were both the same age and experiencing similar bouts of confusion and disappointment over the state of our careers, and we both weren't interested in tying ourselves down to s… Read more

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Blowjob for a stranger

MatureFirst Time

This happened before the virus started to stop everyone from going out. It is very out of character for me but who knows? This might lead to more behavior like this when the world gets back to normal.... It was a Thursday... I had been in meeting in the afternoon and my husband also had a busy day. We planned to meet at one of our favorite places after work to have some wine and relax. I always take care of my appearance and today was no different. Because I was going to meet with clients during the day, I wanted to dress professionally. Because I was hoping for some after work fun, my lingeri… Read more

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From my cheating slut's POV


So if you've read any of my stories before, you'll know I'm a guy who likes to share my slutty ginger girlfriend, Sarah, with her ex. Well after writing these on here, I letv her read them, we both got a little turned on and that to fuck like crazy afterwards. One we called down s bit, she said she'd like to give it a go. So here's Sarah's side of the story, with some help and editing from me. "Hi guys, I'm Sarah. I think, thanks to my bf, maybe you already know a bit about me! Lol! If not read this stories cos they make me super horny. Well if you have you'll know that he first saw me fucke… Read more

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My nose knows

AnalGay MaleMature

My nose knows when a cock is near. So as I came up from dreamworld, sensual and erotic images were dominating. Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t the least surprised to see a long but flaccid black cock with an impressive flared head, less than a foot from where I was lying in bed. Instead of surprise, there was just a surge of pleasure in a dream fulfilled and a surge of lust for my first sight on waking. The handsome member before me surrounded by a forest of tight black girls, highlighting a slightly lighter lean pair of hips. My look widened to see a sinewy body, a noble face and a penetrating g… Read more

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First Nude Spa Experience - Female Prospective Pt

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

I grew up in a small family, in a small back water town, it's the kind of town where everybody knows everybody and the kind of place where people are born and live without ever venturing too far from home. Truth be told, it's a very nice, safe place to live, a very homely place, the kind of place where you can exist quite happily without worrying too much (outwardly anyway) about other people's thoughts and opinions concerning body dysmorphia and such like. As a result of my Smalltown upbringing my body is very typical of most of the women that have grown up in small Community like mine, I am… Read more

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Ellen's Day - An Uncle Travis and Carli Stor


This is a continuation of Carli - An Uncle Travis Story part 1 published as a Post. You may want to read it first, though this does stand on its own, I believe. That next weekend, Ellen told me that she was going shopping with Jennifer and Carli and that they would be gone most of the day on Saturday. Carli had been begging her mom for some new clothes and Jennifer recruited Ellen to go with them. Jennifer and Ellen had been friends for longer than Ellen and I had been together. They had been best friends since high school and Ellen and I started dating after I graduated. "Have fun!", was… Read more

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The Library


Hopefully this is better edited. I'm no author, hardly a writer. And I have way too much time being stuck inside! Hope it is enjoyable... Normally I pay good attention to where I am and what’s around me. I don’t like sitting with my back to the room or door. I watch people all around me all the time. I’m not a paranoid person in general, but I’m just usually very aware about my surroundings. That night, I was not my normal self. I am in the process of getting a master’s degree and that requires a lot of library time and a lot of late and sleepless nights. Of course to make it worse, I had ear… Read more

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True Story - Rebound


Hi all, hope you are all well and staying safe during this horrible time. hopefully this true story during what was a slightly difficult time of my life will ease the pain of being stuck inside your homes. Myself and James Have had tough times just like most couples and during a particular dark patch in our relationship he made the decision to leave me and began fucking another woman ( to be fair she was fairly hot, but that's a story for another time) we did eventually work things out after a long and complicated summer. Now a name that wouldn't have been mentioned in tales so far is mik… Read more

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My First Nude Spa Experience - Female Prospective

First TimeVoyeurLesbian Sex

I grew up in a small family, in a small back water town, it's the kind of town where everybody knows everybody and the kind of place where people are born and live without ever venturing too far from home. Truth be told, it's a very nice, safe place to live, a very homely place, the kind of place where you can exist quite happily without worrying too much (outwardly anyway) about other people's thoughts and opinions concerning body dysmorphia and such like. As a result of my Smalltown upbringing my body is very typical of most of the women that have grown up in small community like mine, I am… Read more

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