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Transformed into a black cock whore 7

TabooInterracial SexMature

Valerie stood there unable to move struck, with fear she was unable to move. "Well" said her husband "I'm looking at all the dirty writing on you back." Valerie slowly turned to face her husband, knowing he could now see her piercings. "What the fuck has happened to you," he said "go look in that mirror take a good look at yourself and tell me what you see." Valerie's mind was going ten to the dozen wondering what to say. She slowly walked to the mirror, looked at herself. Hubby was right what she saw looking back at her was just a cheap cum covered whore. "I can explain," Valerie said.… Read more

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Weekend for Four – Sensual Saturday

Lesbian SexHardcoreGroup Sex

This morning, the room was bright enough that I could tell for sure it was Rita cuddled up against me, her glorious mane of red hair spilling across my chest, one well-toned arm flung across me, hugging me. The room was heavy with the musky scent of lovemaking, and dapples of sunlight played on her bare skin. We had made love twice after going to bed upstairs, the second time when she heard my wife and Bill busy in my bedroom downstairs. This was two mornings in a row I’d awakened to the sound of Claire and our other guest getting their rocks off, and the second morning Rita had shared the sam… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore 6

TabooMatureInterracial Sex

Valerie lay soaking up the last of the sun's rays. Her nipples were trying to poke out of her bikini top, and her fingers were deep inside her cunt why you may ask. It was due to the fact she was dreaming about the gorgeous black cock, 13 inch of pure joy that had fucked her two days previous, you see Valerie was a black cock whore and was proud to be. Quite a few blacks called her filthy names such as, white trash, cum slut whore, Nigger bitch, black owned fuck toy. Some even wrote things on her to let hubby see that they think of her. But this only turned her on even more it was like handin… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore 5

TabooInterracial SexMature

Getting back to their home Steve said, "let's get that robe of you whore a lot of blood has seeped into it. Valerie tried but said, "Yes and its stuck on, I need help Steve, get some warm water and soak it in me were the blood is showing." Valerie lay back, as Steve soaked both her tits and around her cunt in warm water slowly releasing her from the blood-soaked robe, "Hope you got more of these valerie," he said this one is for the bin, "Don't worry Steve," valerie replied. "Joel made sure I had plenty of my fuck outfit as he likes to call them." "Omg Valerie you do look a mess as he looked… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore 4

TabooInterracial SexMature

Steve drove Valerie from Joel's. Tits out of course showing all who looked her new piercings, when Steve's hand wasn't in the way that is as he played with them. "Dam you are looking fine whore with those adorning your fucking tits," he said as he flicked then up and down causing Valerie to wince as they still hurt. "But god, You and Mary oh my god watching that will be fun. Mary the Mistress who would have thought," he laughed. "Steve, can I ask something," Valerie asked, "did you have anything to do with setting this up with me and Mary I have to know." "Ohhhhh my cunt wife thinks it's my… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore 3

MatureInterracial SexTaboo

For the next three weeks Steve watched his wife take black cock after black cock into her ever-gaping holes while her body healed, but of course some added to her marks as most of them slapped her around. But Valerie being the whore she now was smiled through everything even enjoying more pain. Some fucking her were good looking and well-dressed, some looking more the casual type and some looking as if they had not washed for a month or more, but they all paid so Valerie was forced to fuck with them. How could she he thought take those cocks into her cunt with rashes on them sending shivers… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore 2

TabooMatureInterracial Sex

Following Valerie's recent humiliation and abuse at Joel's pay cam site she gently touched her body all over wishing the red weal's would soon pass. They were still sowing proud all over her body as she lay there naked on the bed; she noted the ones going across both nipples and along her cunt and curling up to her clit seemed to show much more, proving those were hit with much more force she couldn't help but to finger her cunt thinking of the ordeal though. She then heard her husband call "Come here trash whore cunt," he shouted, "and don't bother getting dressed." Valerie noted her knew n… Read more

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Transformed into a black cock whore

Interracial SexTabooMature

THE MAKING OF A BLACK COCK WHORE Valerie sat there questions filled head. How did this all happen to her? A year or slightly more she was just a normal white girl fantasies filled her head, the usual kind for a 21 year old, plenty of cocks fucking her. Sometimes she was bound so no escape in the end always covered in cum some even pissed on her she was their fuck slut to be used. But in reality she knew she would run a mile if this was to happen to her, so no harm in thinking it surely. Valerie had a stunning figure. Model looking with a cute kissable face, tall 5'9 in heels well over 6' sl… Read more

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A Special Christmas Eve

Gay MaleLesbian SexGroup Sex

After such a wonderful first-time bisexual experience with our new close friends Dan & Anna, we arrived home all aglow with our new-found sense of love & understanding. We got some supper & headed up to our room. “ Oh baby, you looked so sexy with Dan's big thick cock in your mouth! <smooch>The way you were sucking it, you looked like you were really enjoying having a man's big cock to suck on finally?” “ Yeah, I guess you got me on that one. I love how his dick is a bit more than average length. But like 2 ½ inches wide! It felt kinda sexy the way I had to stretch my lips to… Read more

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Masturbating With High School Pal

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

"Are you sure," I whispered to my best friend Cristal whose face was inches from mine on my bed on a sunny Texas winter afternoon after school. We had the house to ourselves as a cold wind blew outside. We were warm and comfortable laying face to face. I could smell her lip gloss and her makeup. My vagina was gurgling urgently as I felt her slip her fingers inside her jeans. "Yes, I'm sure," she said as her eyes diverted down to my mouth where my fingers were entering. I liked to lick them before touching myse… Read more

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Empire of vampires 1.3.1. Moon controlled

First TimeFetishBDSM

1.3. Alicia Alicia was underestimated for a long time. Many always thought of her only as an appendage to Selene. But there were good reasons why she received the gift of immortality. Already as a human being she gathered numerous talents that helped her in her later reign. It is not without reason that she was the one who repeatedly introduced urgently needed reforms for the Empire. From the preface of "The Third Term of Alicia 2333-2359" - Historical Textbook 2550 1.3.1. Moon controlled *November 5, 2033 (Saturday)* Alicia went home like every day after her studies. Since… Read more

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My Life As a Cumdump

AnalGay Male

My Life As a Cumdump - Part 1 of 4 I finally decided to write down my experiences as a cumpdump and share them with everyone here. I have been reading for a while, and it’s only fair to share, and I also hope my experiences, good and bad, can help someone who are new to this, and know that you and I – we are not alone. Yes, I am definitely a pussyboi cumdump, but I am an owned cumdump. Matt is younger than me, and lives in the same apartment complex. Maybe I am just a faggot for him to use, a cum dump for him, but for me, he is like a god. I live to serve his sexual needs and to worship his… Read more

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Group Party

AnalGroup SexGay Male

Part 1 of 2 “Group of men seeking any others for a monthly meeting for fun times. Any age is welcome as long as over 18 and in decent shape.” That’s what the craigslist ad said. It was a Friday night and I was feeling particularly horny. I frequently visited Craigslist to read through the ads for casual encounters, I browse through most of the ads, women seeking men, trannies seeking men, and men seeking men. Most of the time I read through them just for fun and don’t reply to any, but this night I was incredibly horny and I was in need of some fucking. I had tried the woman seeking men ads… Read more

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Riding the truck driver

AnalGay MaleHardcore

In my late 20's i used to travel a lot, mostly by car. Without the benefit of todays countless options of meeting casual sexual partners, I relied on stories of others and my own experience to find some pleasure during the lonely days on the road. One of those experiences I'd like to share with you here.... I have good memories of a motel near one of the hot springs locations in California. This motel is quite luxurious for a little town in the middle of nowhere and might be visited often during the summer holidays, but the rest of the year it's quite deserted except for people like me who tr… Read more

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LOOK OUT – Perv alert!

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

A few times when I was younger, I sometimes managed to find myself in dangerous situations – where I was going to be at least seriously embarrassed, or even exposed as a solo-sex pervert mac-wanker. Although I loved the thought of girls knowing my guilty secret, that didn’t include being in a situation where I was expected to be like normal men, to be able to perform. Obviously, I’m not saying I was ever ‘propositioned’ – that’s too ridiculous to imagine – but here are a few examples of when those situations arose. It’s one of my early jobs. I overhear a conversation and it appears that the… Read more

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My first anal experience Part Three

TabooMasturbationFirst Time

As I mentioned in how in ‘My first anal experience Part Two’, of my shock to find out that my brother Trevor had been watching me have full on sex with Ade. I wasn’t initially worried too much about this, although I was concerned that Trevor my younger brother was basically wanking himself off over me his sister being fucked, a bot to taboo for my liking. But I suppose I wasn’t worried about this too much, as our mother knew I was being shagged by Ade, and I was on the pill, and I thought it unlikely he’d tell her what he had been up. However, I hadn’t thought about our father and he would be… Read more

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You're a young man now


Helen was putting away folded laundry when she made the first of several startling discoveries that would change her life. She had had an unusually busy week, so the laundry had gotten backed up quite a bit, and she had an extra big stack of her son's underwear. As she was trying to make room in his drawer for the clean, underpants, she came across something she was not supposed to find buried in the bottom of the drawer. It was a pair of women's knickers that had been wadded up and stuffed in the drawer. Helen was so surprised to find them that it took her a few seconds to absorb some cri… Read more

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Fly the Friendly Skies

First Time

We met in the airport, both waiting on a flight that had been delayed due to weather. The conversation was sprinkled with good chemistry and it was obvious that we hit it off right away. When finally left the plane, Susan and I exchanged phone numbers. Although we talked quite often since we both traveled a lot for our respective companies so it took a couple weeks before we could make a date. To celebrate our finally getting together, we decided on a dress-update at a very nice restaurant that she had always wanted to try. When I arrived at her apartment, she didn’t disappoint in the dress-up… Read more

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Specialist therapy


I arrived at my non NHS clinic for specialized therapy. Greeted by the TV nurse I was shown in to the front reception area. I was informed that I would now have to go to the pre preparation room to be got ready for the Dr and the treatment. This was down some steep steps into a cold room kitted out with a patient waiting cage, a rack and a table. Next to the table was an array of items that were to be fitted to me. I was ordered to strip naked by the nurse. It was quite cold and being naked made it feel even colder. I was then given a preliminary examination by the nurse, who told me to bend o… Read more

Posted by pendragon1559 8 hours ago 332

Six Orgasms in the Senior Years

First Time

But traveling there two (or three… or four… or more?!) times in one day? It sounds like a too-good-to-be-true randy rumor. But it’s not. “Multiple orgasms is indeed a real thing that people of all genders are capable of enjoying,” says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD, We-Vibe sex and relationship expert. Here’s what you need to know. What do you mean by multiple, exactly? “Multiple orgasms generally refers to more than one orgasm in a single session,” O’Reilly says. They can be s p a c e d out. Or, they can occur in quick succession, one after the other after the other after the… you get th… Read more

Posted by Couple46 9 hours ago 357
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