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my school friend dad

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I woke up in a dream, dark room dizzy and confused. in my school buddy house after a party, drunk and tired i got to the guess room and last thing i remember was crashing on the bed I was dreaming of getting undress and massage slowly until my lil butt was lift up and spread a tongue lapping at my hole so good i tried to talk and moan but i had somethig keeping my mouth open wide and i made only pet like sound something started poking my ass i felt so weak in the dark ass up a pillow under me my hands pull to my legs something being attach until i was doggy ass up on a pillow another under… Read more

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A FRENCH VILLAGE (A TALE OF WAR) PART 7 AND LAST Note: This last part of my story is not a history of the fall of Vichy. It was liberated by the Resistance one week after Paris (end of August 1944). This last part will follow certain key characters a month of so before the fall of the city. It’s a story about the relationships of women who love women, and men who love men. Sex continued to happen until the end, but the fate of the characters will remain a mystery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “We have to stop… Read more

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Succubus Bachelor Party Story

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I got a call out of the blue from an Ex of mine asking if I would be willing to be the erotic entertainment for his friend’s bachelor party. He said I was the sexiest woman he knew. I got wet just thinking about it. I told him yes. When the day came, I picked a sexy outfit and went to the address he gave me. When I walked in the bartender just smiled and said that they anxiously waiting for me in the back room. I walked in the place erupted in cheers. My pussy gushed. It was going to be a fun night. They were not going to be able to keep their hands, or anything else off me! The man of honor w… Read more

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Wife Date's a Real Man PT2 Blacken

FetishInterracial Sex

It only took a week since my night out and total submission for the video that recorded the events of the night to be posted online. Though I had only initially agreed to be filmed if my identity was concealed, in the heat of the moment I could not say no to him. Of course, I was nervous about such a pornographic video of myself being online, but each time I touched the black metal collar secured around my neck, I knew it was what I truly wanted. The day it had been posted was the first time he contacted since I submitted myself to him. He sent a text instructing me to meet him at a parking l… Read more

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Succubus Bachlor party story

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

I got a call out of the blue from an Ex of mine asking if I would be willing to be the erotic entertainment for his friend’s bachelor party. He said I was the sexiest woman he knew. I got wet just thinking about it. I told him yes. When the day came, I picked a sexy outfit and went to the address he gave me. When I walked in the bartender just smiled and said that they were anxiously waiting for me in the back room. I walked in the place erupted in cheers. My pussy gushed. It was going to be a fun night. They were not going to be able to keep their hands, or anything else off me! The man of ho… Read more

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Wife Date's a Real Man Blacken

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

I came out of the en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom I shared with my loving husband who was sitting just where I left him; gagged and handcuffed naked to the chair in front of the computer. He looked at me as I stood before him naked as well, rubbing some lotion into my skin. A grin formed on my face, as I look at him watching me so desperately. I saw his caged cock twitch as his eyes followed my hands working the lotion into my breasts and my grin grew larger. Retrieving my lotion bottle from the bathroom, I placed it on the desktop next to my restrained and caged husband. He just watc… Read more

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My first time part 2

MasturbationFirst Time

This story continues from the read My first time. (To summarize the first story, we were on summer break from school, Becky got drunk and we fucked. Becky is a young blonde teen with c cup tits) Becky wanted to hang out again and asked when I could come over. We agreed on Friday, but had to be early as her Dad got out of work early sometimes. Becky asked me "how often do you masturbate?" "About once a day" I replied. She said "me too, sometimes twice I love it so much". Becky then asked "what do you do with your cum?" I said that "well, pretty much tissues take care of that". Becky looked at… Read more

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Unexpected fun.

AnalGay MaleHardcore

I'm on the varsity wresting team and have always been gay, but know one knows about my sexuality and I'd like to keep it private because of the problems that could happen to me. Anyway I love the fact that I can wrestle guys and have them touch me in ways outside of the sport that might seem risky and being able to grab an occasional cock by accident always turns me on. The other part of being in a sport is the locker rooms, especially the showers. Watching all those naked bodies and their half erect cocks bouncing around makes me want to get down on my knees and suck them all. I have almost b… Read more

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Wife goes on a Date Blacken

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As a young Assistant Program Director for the Botanical Gardens in our city, I arranged to have a choral group from a Lutheran college sing on Christmas Eve. It was at that event when I first met my wife-to-be. Her beauty struck me. She was lead singer for the choir and had a lovely voice. We talked after the performance and she agreed to meet me for breakfast. We subsequently began a long-distance courtship, culminating in our marriage a year later. She finished her music degree at a major university in my city. At her request, we had withheld having sex until marriage. I learned that she was… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 203

VoyeurAnalGroup Sex

Scott and Rhonda had bought a house that was in yelling distance of Melody and Bob. He had money enough, but didn't pay it off in cash, as Melody had done. He explained that the tax credit for mortgage payments would make up for most of the expense. He had bought the house at the bottom of a depressed market, so he got it for much less than it was worth. His was a 2 story home, with 6 bedrooms and each with a private bath, a 4 car garage, in ground pool, and sitting on 2 acres of land. It was easily worth $500K, but he had purchased it for a little under $400K. He had become acquainted with Me… Read more

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My GF wants to Fuck Me Lesbian

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

My name is Annie, I am a 20 years old college student, a gymnast since I was seven. I am attracted to girls, and have a very cute girlfriend, much taller than me and very feminine. We have only been together for six months, but I have known her since I started college. It took awhile for us to become lovers. Our first night together happened after we were out with friends, she offered me a ride back to campus. Day walked me up to my dorm, I unlocked the door, took her hand and led her into my room. I let her kiss me, it was a soft, gentle kiss, just like two girls would kiss. She wrapped he… Read more

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Abby: Daddy Came Back


The Chronicles of Abby: Daddy Came Back (Abby’s Perspective) Synopsis: This is the continuation of Part 3 of The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me? ‘Jeff, wake up! Hurry! Wake up now!’ urged his dad, Jim while making sure not to wake little Abby while she was still asleep beside Jeff. ‘What’s wrong, Dad?’ asked Jeff who had just awoken and feeling slightly dizzy and exhausted. ‘Quickly, wake Abby. Get her cleaned. Her dad will be arriving in about 10 minutes’ time or less. He called and told me that he was able to come home earlier than expected. Make sure Abby’s… Read more

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My New Lesbian Masseuse

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

A really amazing thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I had been feeling really fed-up and stressed out at work, so my darling husband booked me a surprise trip to a health spa as a special treat. I phoned ahead and booked myself into a few workout classes, a few beauty treatments, and to round it all off, a massage to get rid of all the knots in my neck and shoulders. The big day dawned and I set off with my little overnight bag feeling really pleased to be escaping for 48 hours. I arrived at the Spa and checked-in and went through the registration procedure. I was then given my super luxur… Read more

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Summer Sex School: SASKIA 1

First TimeBDSMMasturbation


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Sacramento, California - ORAL ALL-STAR

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

I had known Brittany Klesko for nearly 20 years. Her mother and I were friends and it was not hard to see that Brittany was a VERY mature young lady that was going to grow up to be EXTREMELY naughty.... EX-FUCKING-STREMALY!! Her boyfriends were always years older than herself and she admitted to fucking a few of her mothers boyfriends over the years so naughty is her middle name. About a week after her 18th birthday (I wasn't aware of her birthday) I was invited to her mothers home for a cookout/pool party. Brittany wasted NO… Read more

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Diploma Pick-up Pt. III - Last Night's Sexcap

Gay MaleShemale PornTaboo

Cortez awoke at five twenty-seven in the morning. He had drank more cognac after his wife’s hairdresser let him fuck that badonkadonk and had fallen asleep downstairs on the living room couch. His loins ached with arousal and betrayed him with his hefty shaft pitching a tent in his boxer briefs. He rubbed his eyes, removing the sleep from them. He felt around on the floor for his cell phone. There. Cortez picked it up and held it in front of his face to unlock it. He squinted to get his focus and looked at his messages. Bingo. Kenji had sent a morning greeting. He figured the woo-woo fagg… Read more

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Sissy’s holiday romance Part One

AnalShemale PornTaboo

I met J in Manchester pre lockdown. He’s Portuguese, a sexy big guy with everything I find attractive. I call it the 5 Bs. Big,Bald, Bearded and a Beer Belly! Unusually he’d got in contact via an old, rarely used these days Facebook account. I didn’t know him or any of his contacts but he looked so sexy, I thought what the hell! and accepted his friend request. We swapped numbers and started to chat regularly, FaceTimed each other at least once a day and finally got a date where we could both meet up in Manchester. He told me he’d found my profile by accident looking for another guy and had li… Read more

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Tracy and Dad - Chapter Two


John had just finished packing up the SUV. He was walking back into the house when he called to Tracy. “Hey babe, you about ready?” “Oh my god. I said give me 15 minutes,” Tracy yelled from her room. John walked down the hall and stuck his head in her room. “That was 20 minutes ago.” “Oh. Well let me finish packing and I’ll get dressed.” Tracy was pulling clothes from her closet and tossing them onto her bed creating a sizable pile. She looked like she had just finished showering. Her long curly red hair was damp and hanging loose. She was only wearing a pair of white panties. “What have you b… Read more

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An Anniversary to Remember - Part 2

HardcoreLesbian SexHumor

…”Ohhh… and what are we doing here!?" I asked excitedly as we walked through the front door of the tattoo shop! "You must be Nicole." Said the blond at the front counter. She had two sweet looking sleeves and a few piercings. "I'm Monica, let's do this!" She said excitedly while clapping her hands and bouncing up and down a little bit. Yes, her tits were shaking. Yes, they were nice. Monica had on a very loose spaghetti strap white tank top with no bra, and a pair of high wasted, ass-hugging ripped shorts. “Yes I am!” Nicole said, extending her hand out to shake Monica’s. "Sooo, what are we… Read more

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Sidney #1

AnalShemale PornFetish

Sidney #1 An hour on the road, Jerry and Rock watched Sid's ass cheeks glimpsing as she walked ahead of them. The rain remained steady but decreasing winds helped. “You really banged her this morning”, Jerry giggled, “yeah, I fuck her as much as I can but I'm sure she could use more”. It opened the door for Jerry to say, “do you think I could do her, if you don't mind”? Rock knew he was already fucking her but replied, “she's your mother now ask her, she could use it. It wouldn't be the first time, she's had others since we got together”. Jerry grinned, Rock added “being a different kind of g… Read more

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