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The Joruney to Renounce, Defile and Desecrate my C

TabooLesbian SexFetish

The start of this year I decided it was time to free myself from the shame of being sinful, embrace my views on homosexuality, and the more I proceeded on this journey from researching the bible to make a mockery video, or to research to overcome my fears of doing the forbidden and taking on taboo topics, I learned that the bible really is just a book of fairy tales. For 36+ years I lived my life in shame, guilt, depression, hatred and more over some teachings of a magically God who my actions had displeased. From my "sexual immoral" pleasures of bondage, various BDSM practices labeled as "sat… Read more

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Rachael ... part 2

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‘Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!’ That was Rachael’s response when she looked out of her bedroom window to see who was pounding on the front door of her house and constantly ringing the doorbell. We had only met yesterday and, after helping her out when her car had a flat tyre, we had spent the previous evening having a nice meal followed by a night of passionate sex firstly on her sofa and then in her bed. ‘Get dressed’ she said ‘Quickly!’ as she slipped on the first garment that came to hand – a silky dress the hem of which came to her mid-thigh. ‘It’s the estate agent with a couple who are interested… Read more

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Episode 146: Porn School

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Leicestershire, UK Within 30 minutes of posting the less obscene clips from the barbecue video, back in March, Debbie had received two offers of marriage from Saudi princes, an invitation to an exclusive sex party and come to the attention of a talent scout for a junior person pornography maker. Fortunately Bill was an ex-cop and now working for CEOP, so was able to remove the offending material showing his BBC entering her cute strawberry filled arse before it got too widely copied across the dark web. The offer of a free place on a video spring school in South Korea, before the Age… Read more

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Salem, Oregon - ORAL ALL-STAR

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I must say that the people of Oregon were some of the nicest people I've met in all of my travels. However, during my stay in the capital of Oregon, Salem, I met perhaps the most friendly girl in the state, Stephanie Wilson. Stephanie was reserved but at the same time a bit playful which made her very intriguing to me. It stated when I checked into my hotel downtown for a weekend of visiting with friends. Stephanie was working as a housekeeper and was hanging out at the front desk when I arrived. She was quiet as I checked in but I could feel her looking at me and I looked up and gave her a q… Read more

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Older neighbors

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Older Neighbors bydoctoryes48© This experience goes all the way back to the 70s when Cathie and I were just married. I had a great job offer, but it required that we move some distance from our families. We moved to a nice neighborhood, and many of the new neighbors were friendly enough; but we both worked so it took a while to get to know people. Two doors down was a couple with grown k**s. I guess he was in his late 40's, and so was the wife. They were friendly, and the first to sort of take us under their wing. I suppose their being the ages of our parents made it somewhat more comfortabl… Read more

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Hayley 3.


...Hayley squealed excitedly, gurgling and swallowing as blobs of thick sperm pumped into her mouth before ebbing, my cock twitching and wilting. She crammed my knob into her mouth and sucked it clean, running her tongue up and down my shaft too as she slurped and licked up any blobs of sperm! "Wow! What a fantastic you always cum so much? You're a bloody sex maniac is what you are"! We kissed and lay on the bed and as our breathing settled back to normal, Hayley said, "I've never been fucked in the ass before...I've always wanted to try it but...Mike's always had… Read more

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She's an Easy Lover


This is my version of a sexy story, told to me by a high school friend, that never came to the happy ending it should have: Had 5 lbs of change saved up for the monthly clothes washing pulling the back right side pocket of my commando shorts. Was fishing through for them when a voice came from behind me. "Scuse me young man, but I see you have a lot of coins there. I just ran out of quarters and I really need another 10 minutes drying time." My first reaction was that she was a pan handler trolling the washrooms. But when I turned around I looked down and saw a short dark haired granny-type… Read more

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SSBBW adventures in pandemic

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READ ALL STORIES BEFORE YOU READ THIS TO UNDERSTAND WHO THESE´RE. I have many stories to share about my folks but this is most what all wanted to read. My folks are swingers in there 40´s. if you don´t know what folks means, you can look it up. My mom´s(M) SSBBW and oldman´s bear body with less belly and 24cm cock. They´ve been swingers before they´re married. If you remember Rolf from my previous stories. Him and his wife´re best friends with my folks from before marriage and also swingers. Rolf´s wife Anita´s also SSBBW. They´re also folks of my best friend Ole. Ole´s folks (Rolf,Anita)… Read more

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The blue balls of happiness

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Having a hot wife was my idea, once I had convinced my wife Andrea that I had a deep desire to have her fuck other guys she started with one of my closest friends. She would meet Keith after she got off work and quiet often they had sex either at his house or sometimes in his truck. I waited at home jerking my little hard dick for her to come home sexually satisfied . After a while I wanted to be included in the action but Andrea said there's no way Keith would allow you to watch us fuck. That gave me a strange mixed feeling , part of me wanted to say you are my wife and if I can't watch the… Read more

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True Story - Wake up Call.

TabooLesbian SexHardcore

I was a sunday morning in our house and i began to wake to the sound of rain tapping against the window, i am a fairly deep sleeper it takes me a while to fully come around (I'm the type who sets 5/6 alarms). As i started to wake i could feel someone under the covers coming from the bottom of the bed, before long two hands running up my bare legs stopping mid thigh and then parting my legs. as stated in previous blogs i sleep naked so my pussy is bare. i can then feel breathing against my pussy lips before the wet feeling of a tongue beginning to lick my slit, i wriggled slightly to get … Read more

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Humping Amy

HardcoreInterracial Sex

I kept my eyes on curly headed chubby Amy Jo Weigert, i loved her smile her walk her talk and how her fat ass swayed whenever she walked i got the nerve to go up to her and tell her i really liked her but she wasn't interested, she told me i was too timid i think she was trying to tell me i wasn't man enough for her, but i guess some women think that way about me, but that's her opinion i can't change how a chick perceives time went on i spotted her down at Bastille days one day and i went up to her and started a conversation she told me her and her friend Dan were going to the strawberr… Read more

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Sucking My Roommate's Dick

First TimeTabooFetish

Let me first say that this is a real story, just as all of my other stories. Nothing is made up and nothing is exaggerated. Maybe one day I can relive this memory in some role play? I've lived for more than 5 years with the same roommate and we have been friends now for a very long time. I wouldn't mind sucking his dick more often but it happened only once. Here's how it happened and why it never happened again... It was a rainy Saturday and we were having the usual conversation with John (I've changed the name and wont share his real name) about what to do in the evening. We were looking at… Read more

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Peter Ch. 05 - Paul and I watch as Peter and Debbi


Warning: This and subsequent chapters deal with many explicit passages with topics you may find objectionable. Theses topics may or may not include: straight sex, extramarital relations, cuckoldry, interracial sex, bisexuality, homosexuality, FemDom, male domination, voyeurism, masturbation, etc. If these, or other similar topics offend you, it might be best to find another story more to your liking. * Paul knocked the ashes from the end of the pipe and put everything away. Then the two of us walked back inside. Debbie and Peter didn't stop when we entered the room this time. Instead… Read more

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CHAPTER 15A: EUROPE—THE FLIGHT Tim called one night all excited. He said he had conversations with Mr. R who presented a proposal that sounded like a wonderful opportunity that we needed to seriously discuss and decide if it fit within our established limits and boundaries. That’s one of the reason I love this man so much, even after all the changes our life has gone through and the familiarity of sex within our lifestyle, he was still paying close attention to the limits and boundaries. Knowing the p… Read more

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Chloe and Lana - A moment with the boss in Riversi

MasturbationLesbian SexVoyeur

CHAPTER 1 Curiosity got the better of Chloe. She knew she shouldn’t look but it was hardly her fault the laptop was left open. After all, Clark and Lana Tate employed her to come in twice weekly to clean their swanky 6 bed pad overlooking the River Thames. They should be more careful. Chloe was paid to clean and tidy up after the them, having access all areas. Well, mostly. The successful business owners clearly too busy to do their own housework. Or maybe just too rich to put themselves through such menial labours. With their money, why would they? He the breadwinner, she with a small busine… Read more

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CHAPTER 14: EVENING WITH SHARON AND JOHN We received a call from Joe to let us know about the sexual attack on Nikki and how she was being affected by it. We were of course greatly concerned for her, too. Nikki and Joe were somewhat responsible for opening my eyes to the possibilities and wonders of sexual exploration. We have maintained contact over years as friends but our sex lives have gone in different directions. She is quite settled with Joe, the dogs, and the life they have created in the country. We have go… Read more

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Fucking Her Anally


Fucking Her Anally By: Londebaaz Chohan “I shall be happy to model them for you but tomorrow early afternoon provided there is nobody at home”. Jessica promised LeRoy. The terms were very good, so LeRoy took an early retirement from his managerial position and now at home, he had taken over some responsibilities for the house work including the laundry. For the last full month, he had been washing, folding and delivering the articles to various rooms of the family members. “WOW”. He was shocked to see and he shouted, “What the fuck is this”? When it came to colored; the only non… Read more

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Down at the Dogging Site: Part 3

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

This is the last part of Down at the Dogging Site, it's more of a transition from me cruising and going into my forth long term relationship. There's still plenty of sex towards the end. I'd not seen Bob for over two weeks, we did send stupid text messages to each other and I sent him a picture of my dick. He text me if I wanted to stay the night on Saturday, love to I replied, he also asked if I wanted to go for drink beforehand, he put in his text that he was missing me, oh I thought I've now got two relationships on the go well they are two gorgeous large men that know how to pleasure me,… Read more

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Carmen And Joe Share Ruth

Lesbian SexFirst TimeHardcore

Joe and I had stopped by Ruth's house for an afternoon lunch and after having sex with Joe that morning, I was still feeling a little horny. I noticed before that Joe had taken an interest in Ruth by the way he told me how hot she looked one day. I agree with him and for some reason, besides being horny, I decided he should get to know Ruth a little better, after I had warmed her up first. We three headed into the living room and Ruth and I sat down on the sofa while Joe took the recliner. After a bit of small talk, I reached over and began to softly caress Ruth's leg, slowly running my hand… Read more

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Nighty Neighbour Part 3


Having a wild rather passionate sixteen year old wanting to fuck and suck most of the time created problems. At times she seemed set on getting us caught out by either her family, my wife or c***dren she often baby sat for. I found out later from wife Sarah that she didn,t mind Tina taking a lot of pressure off her as she felt guilty that she so often was just too tired or not well enough physically to give me sex more often. And she also regretted not getting involved in a three some with us. I just never had the guts to tell Sarah about us and by the time I finally did Tina had moved to Leed… Read more

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